Dreaming of Launching a News Website in NJ? NJ News Commons Can Help with That


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News Website in NJ – New Jersey is probably populated by more independent publishers than any other state in the country, and there are still a large number of happening towns where real local news coverage just can’t be found.

Heck, in Monmouth County alone, you’ve got:

  • Point Pleasant
  • Manasquan
  • Long Branch
  • Belmar
  • Parts of Middletown, like Lincroft

Now you may be thinking, “Well those places get covered by Asbury Park Press, and the Star Ledger, right?”

Kind of, but not really. Maybe they report on the crime, politics and high-school sports in the area, but what about interesting new shops, local festivals, and general day-to-day life in any given town? Those outfits just can’t bring out the true community and character a town really has.

Take a look at Red Bank Green, an authentic, indy news site started in 2006. Just try and tell us it doesn’t have character, the right breadth of coverage, or a loyal community. It’s everything the Asbury Park Press is not.

Our friends at the New Jersey News Commons just announced that they are accepting applications for $3,500 micro-grants for journo-preneurs who see a great town underserved by one of the news giants − a place just begging for an outfit like Red Bank GreenPlanet PrincetonmyVeronaNJBaristanetHoboken411Cliffview PilotMorristown Green or Asbury Park Sun to pop up and bring the community together.

Are you a journalist or ex-journalist who sees an opportunity that no one else does? Applications are accepted until September 9th, 2013. It’s the independent, digital news revolution − what are you waiting for?

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