“Broadstreet, which has a fantastic solution ... It’s a value-added option for our advertisers, and those who have used it have enjoyed really impressive click rates.”
ARLNowScott Brodbeck, Publisher
“Broadstreet allows Potomac Local to offer very eyebrow raising, attention-grabbing ads that our clients never thought they could have. And our competition can’t even come close to what we can offer.”
Potomac LocalUriah Kiser, Publisher
“Forget just thinking out of the box. Broadstreet thinks out of this world.”
My Verona NJVirginia Citrano, Publisher
“Baristanet's "back of the house" has never run more smoothly than with the efficiency and service of Broadstreet. They keep churning out great products that will help us sell.”
BaristanetAnnette Batson, Director of Sales
“Broadstreet is easily one of the very best vendors I've worked with in my career. They're friendly and responsive and take suggestions from their customers. They are constantly improving the product in intelligent ways and have built a best-of-class, feature-rich ad platform that remains affordable for small publishers.”
The BatavianHoward Owens, Publisher
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