Broadstreet’s partners are proven companies who provide outstanding complimentary products and integrations while remaining committed to Broadstreet’s core mission and values.

Web Publisher Pro

Web Publisher Pro provides best-in-class WordPress development, hosting, support, and monetization products for digital publishers. Broadstreet and Web Publisher Pro share a large number of mutual and successful clients.


Locable provides a community-centric CMS and various programs for local magazines and newspapers. Locable’s diverse publishing client base utilizes Broadstreet for digital ad management.


MetroPublisher is a complete, no-stress CMS for magazine publishers.

Ad Sales Genius

Ad Sales Genius provides a powerful CRM built specifically for ad sales teams. Complete with a Broadstreet integration along with many other platforms, it greatly streamlines publishers’ sales processes with its unique technology-first approach.


Vipology is a leading digital CMS and company engaged in building products and services to create utility for radio broadcasters and their advertisers.

LION Publishers

LION Publishers is a national trade organization that exists to foster the viability and excellence of locally focused independent online news organizations.

City and Regional Magazine Association

CRMA is a national trade organization whose purpose is to facilitate professional development and training opportunities for member magazines and opportunities to exchange information and ideas.

Parenting Magazine Association

Parenting Media Association (PMA) is a national trade association of regional parenting media companies with magazines, websites, e-newsletters and events all across America, from Boston to Seattle and from Minneapolis to Miami, and around the globe to Australia.