The 5 Best CRMs for Local Digital Ad Sales

Like many other digital tools, customer relationship management software is constantly evolving. It’s up to local publishers, and their in-house sales teams, to stay on top of the latest developments as they navigate the marketplace in search of the very … Continue Reading

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How to Price Native Advertising and Sponsored Content On Your Website

Even if native advertising isn’t your publication’s biggest advertising product, it can still be a real revenue generator — especially for digital publishers who aren’t afraid to get creative. Publishers who seamlessly integrate sponsored content into editorial content are charging … Continue Reading

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What Is a CMP?

One size doesn’t fit all. This essential rule in digital advertising has led to the development of the CMP, or creative management platform. With the right CMP, it’s possible to quickly pre-build multiple ads for specific audience segments.  Ad targeting … Continue Reading

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What Are HTML5 Ads?

HTML5 ads are helping online publishers increase click-through rates when compared to static banner ads. With attractive designs that can move and live within webpages, publishers are finding that HTML5 ads are more subtle and effective than traditional banner ads. … Continue Reading

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Webinar Resources: Advertiser Assistance & Retention During the Covid-19 Outbreak

A total of 505 publishers registered to attend Broadstreet’s webinar covering advertiser retention and membership revenue during the COVID-19 outbreak. These are the resources mentioned in the webinar. Free self-serve advertising tool: email for details Platform for converting print … Continue Reading

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Effective Ad Formats

The 3 Most Effective Ad Formats for Local Publishers

Just because an ad format is common doesn’t always mean it’s the most effective. Local publishers who track click-through rates and impressions often find that certain ad formats perform better than others. By zeroing in on what the most effective … Continue Reading

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All-Time Most Popular Ad Formats

The 3 All-Time Most Popular Ad Formats for Local Publishers

The classics never go out of style. Trendy ad formats may come and go, but the most popular ad formats of all-time have a track record of success that keeps advertisers coming back for more. If you think about it, … Continue Reading

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LION Awards

Broadstreet Wins First-Ever LION Vendor Award in Nashville

Setting a new standard in ad management for local news, city, and regional magazines, Broadstreet was recently recognized by LION Publishers for industry excellence. Publishers from around the country gathered to recognize excellence in journalism, business, and technology as part … Continue Reading

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Need an Alternative for OAS / Open Adstream, Oath, AdTech Adserving? Try Broadstreet

Broadstreet: An Adtech and Open Adstream Alternative  Given the recent news of Adtech discontinuing their service, Broadstreet has recently been speaking to a number of AdTech and Open Adstream customers. Broadstreet is particularly specialized in publishers who engage in direct, … Read More

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The Amazing Cube — Available in 6 New Sizes!

Throughout the last 4 years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes an ad format easy to use and easy to sell. Today releasing a revised version of our famed Amazing Cube. This unit support four classic IAB formats: 970×250, 300×600, 728×90, … Continue Reading

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