Kenny Katzgrau
Founder of Broadstreet

You would think that in 2012, dynamic banner ads would have been an obvious gimmick already fulfilled by various ad tech vendors. Strangely, very few vendors offered something like it. Why? Because most of the innovation in ad tech revolves around targeting capabilities instead of the thing actually being delivered — the creative.

At the 2012 Block by Block conference (precursor to LION Publishers), Broadstreet won its first customers.

Editable ads were a hit with those users — usually small news organizations with one to three people on staff. They were something different that advertisers hadn’t seen before. They sold reliably and they performed much better than static banner ads. This helped form our outlook — that niche publishers can thrive in the digital era as long as they don’t compete head-on with players of scale like Google and Facebook. Read our famous Ten Advantages whitepaper for more on that.

Today, Broadstreet’s mission is to bring financial sustainability and prosperity to independent local news, magazine, and niche media. We believe that well-informed communities, both local and in business, form the foundation of a strong democracy. We are a revenue-focused creative, support, and technical team that works tirelessly for our clients in doing everything in our area of expertise to help them succeed. Our vision is to become the absolute best platform available for digital display ad differentiation and sales.

To learn how we’re achieving that today, visit our self-guided video series and see how Broadstreet truly stands out in the industry.