Kenny Katzgrau
CEO of Broadstreet

Broadstreet is an Ad Manager. It helps direct sales teams place and track advertising and sponsored content within their websites and newsletters.

Our company exists for one reason: to help publishers impress their advertisers.

We all know, instinctively, that when you make a great impression with a potential customer, you’re going to win the sale and renew them.

But in the ad industry, most famous ad managers are focused on scale — massive impression volumes and programmatic — for publishers who do not have strong or personal relationships with their customers.

It’s no surprise that direct sales teams using Google Ad Manager have difficulty winning, retaining, and scaling their operations when the tools and vendors they choose do not specifically support their model.

Broadstreet’s service is built for direct sales teams to support three core needs: support, differentiation, and reporting.

Support: So that you always have the expertise on hand to answer technical questions from your clients or help you understand best practices in implementation, packaging and pricing.

Differentiation: So that you stand out from your competition and go into sales meetings confident that your client is going to see something new and exciting — and when they say yes, that they’ll see better performance with you than anyone else.

Reporting: So that your client sees their performance in the absolute best light, and it leaves them with a deeply positive impression of you and your team.

We do this while simultaneously bringing efficiency to your processes. Never again log into several systems to compile manual reports for your advertisers.

Automate and impress at the same time with Broadstreet.


In 2012, Kenny Katzgrau was presented with the challenge of saving an advertising relationship for a hyperlocal news publisher, RedBankGreen — a relationship that was going to be a certain cancellation.

The advertiser has decided that they only needed social media.

The product of a brainstorming session between Kenny and his partners — John T. Ward and John Crepezzi — was called “Editable Ads.” Could have a snappier name, but regardless, the advertiser was thrilled with the product and is still a client for RedBankGreen 10 years later.

At the 2012 Block by Block conference (precursor to LION Publishers), Broadstreet won its first customers.

Editable ads were a hit with those users — usually small news organizations with one to three people on staff. They were something different that advertisers hadn’t seen before. They sold reliably and they performed much better than static banner ads. This helped form our outlook: niche publishers can thrive in the digital era as long as they don’t compete head-on with players of scale like Google and Facebook. Read our famous Ten Advantages whitepaper for more on that.

Today, Broadstreet’s mission is to help local news, magazine, and B2B publishers make the best impression for their advertisers.

Fundamentally, we believe that well-informed communities, both local and in business, form the foundation of a strong democracy — and that our work is important and necessary not just from a commercial standpoint, but from a more idealistic standpoint as well.

To learn how we’re achieving that today, visit our self-guided video series and see how Broadstreet truly stands out in our industry.