Are You a Local News Publisher? You Should Probably Know About the LION Conference in October

LION Conference- What if we told you that there are entrepreneurs overcoming the same hurdles and reinventing the news industry just like you are, and they get together to learn, talk, and party a little every year in Chicago?

You’d probably be surprised.

At Broadstreet, we meet new local news publishers every week. Most of the time, that publisher has been living in a vacuum, completely unaware of the fact that a network of local news publishers like them exists.

If you’re a hyperlocal news upstart, or an existing local news organization making the transition to an online-only format, check out the LION publisher conference in Chicago. It’s an incredibly valuable 3-4 days that brings together some of the most visible local news publishers in the industry − think presentations, workshops, and lots of networking.

We went last year, and we were pretty amazed at the support LION’s members provide for each other. It was also a lot of fun, and we’re going again. This is the only conference we sponsor.


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LION conference

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