Uriah Kiser Principles of Business Success

Uriah Kiser Principles of Business Success Uriah Kiser is a successful entrepreneur, journalist and publisher who founded Potomac Local Media in 2010. His marketing focus has always been on a personal involvement in the local community, a tenet that has … Continue Reading

Tips: How to Sell Ads for your News or Magazine Website

Sell Ads What goes into an online ad campaign that makes people sit up and take notice? Here are some very specific tips from successful marketing professionals who really know their stuff. From Gary DeHart of Insightful Accountant One of the … Continue Reading

End of Broadstreet Light, The Future is Broadstreet XPRESS

The Future is Broadstreet XPRESS  Full Speed Into the Horizon It’s been about two months since we launched Broadstreet XPRESS − what we believe to be the future of advertising for local news and trade magazines. When we first launched, Broadstreet was … Continue Reading

Broadstreet XPRESS: Use the Most Powerful Tools for Local, Digital Sales

    The Most Powerful Tools for Local Digital Sales Today we’ve announced the launch of Broadstreet XPRESS, our next generation adserving tier and platform. The details are below, but here’s the gist: We offer our entire ad format library, ad blocker … Continue Reading

Facebook Instant Articles: Serious Concerns for News Publishers

  Facebook instant articles: Serious Concerns for News Publishers. There’s an awful lot of buzz surrounding Facebook’s Instant Articles program, which has just launched. Many publishers are cautious, and for good reason. Although we typically think of Facebook as a social platform, … Continue Reading

How To Sell an Ad to the New Advertiser in Town (Before They Do)

Sell New Advertiser — Get’em Before They Do There’s some buzz in town because the word got out that a popular new restaurant is expanding to your neck of the woods. The ad sharks are circling. This is how you … Continue Reading

Broadstreet Ads vs Google DFP: Who Wins?

Broadstreet vs. DFP We’re not going to tell you that Broadstreet is better than Google DFP in all circumstances. And Google certainly couldn’t say that DFP is better than Broadstreet in all cases either. We have a specific target custom … Continue Reading

The Best Ad Formats for Mobile

Best Mobile Ad Formats If you’re like most online publishers, you may have noticed that up to half of your site traffic is coming from mobile devices. And since most publishers stick the majority of their advertisements in the sidebar, … Continue Reading

7 Awesome Ads From Our Publishers Have Made This Past Month

It’s been a little over two months since we released our new ad formats, and wow, have our publishers used these things beyond our expectations. Take a look at some of the awesome creatives churned out this past month. If you’re … Continue Reading

Introducing The Feature That Keeps on Featuring

Here’s something brand new out of the Broadstreet garage. Do we have your attention? Hover over the ad below: We’ve recently developed a system at Broadstreet that will help us design specially formatted, customizable ad templates very rapidly. We actually … Continue Reading