Uriah Kiser Principles of Business Success

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Uriah Kiser Principles of Business Success

Uriah Kiser is a successful entrepreneur, journalist and publisher who founded Potomac Local Media in 2010.
His marketing focus has always been on a personal involvement in the local community, a tenet that has stood him in good stead.
His website, PotomacLocal.com, was named Virginia’s #1 online-only news website by the Virginia Press Association and recently passed the 100,000 mark for readers.
In the article below, Uriah shares some of the most important marketing concepts he lives by, concepts that have made him an outstanding leader in his field.

What Makes Sales Work?

Of all the myriad pieces of good advice about sales, this is the most important: Know what you’re good at.
Once you figure out your greatest strengths, it’s easy to use them in every business decision and customer contact you make.

Know Thyself

A good example of this precept comes from Uriah himself: “I know what I’m good at. I like talking to people and finding ways to help them.”
Notice that this is what makes him happy. What we enjoy doing, we usually do well.

The next thing to do is identify is your weaknesses and the go-to resources for filling the void.
Let’s say you are an expert in real estate rental law, but know very little about taking good real estate photos.
By finding a good real estate photographer, you have essentially bridged the gap. But you had to identify it first.

Educate the Customer

Client education is the most vital function of any marketing campaign. In order to succeed, you must determine what information your client needs to know.
First, get their attention with a pithy ad. Then, base the rest of your marketing campaign around disseminating the information your prospective customers are looking for, and you will automatically target the most interested prospects.

Do Your Networking

“Networking” might seem like an outdated term, but the concept is no less powerful today than when it took over small business forums several decades ago. Yes, it takes time and effort to make those crucial
connections, and yes indeed, it’s even more tedious to keep records of the useful connections you’ve made, along with helpful details such as their contact data, when you met them, and possibly even the names of their family members.
But it’s this kind of commitment to making the right contacts that will put you out in front of your competitors. Get out there and make your presence known!

Uriah’s Second-Bite Theory

Uriah Kiser tells this good story, which is also quite instructive for any business owner or salesperson:

In what seems like another lifetime now, I worked as a server and bartender at a corporate restaurant. We       had rules about everything from greeting guests as soon as they sat down, suggestively suggesting       appetizers and drinks, and taking ladies’ orders first,then working your way around the table counter-       clockwise to complete an order. “After the meal was delivered, I always checked back with the customer       within two bites. I wanted to find out if the food was hot enough, if the plate was presentable, if they       needed additional condiments, and most importantly, if it tasted good.

Uriah applies his second-bite theory to his marketing plan for increased likelihood of success. Basically, it comes down to making it a hard and fast rule to check back with the customer, once the product or service is delivered. Was it what they expected?
Did it come on time? Would they buy from you again? Can we put you on our newsletter list for special promotions? These “second-bite” contacts are priceless in terms of solidifying a satisfied customer base.

A Personal Touch

Above all, Uriah’s focus offers an over-arching concern for his customers, and he will go out of his way to make sure they are happy with him and his services. He advocates doing as much client contact personally as possible, so that the connections remain fresh and the client knows he or she is important to you.

Putting the customer first never gets old, and is one of the best ways to make sure your business continues to flourish. By applying this single wide-ranging principle to everything you do in business, you increase your chances at dependable, long-range success astronomically.

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