In Case You Missed It: Editable Ad Screencast

We had a great turnout at our Editable Ad Webinar last week, and we thank everybody for jumping on the call. We did have a have a few publishers who wanted to make it but couldn’t − if that’s you, not to worry! We’ve re-recorded the presentation and posted it below in two parts.

This is the same presentation we gave at the webinar, which includes a very brief history of Broadstreet, the type of folks we serve, and an introduction to Editable Ads. The tool we used to create Editable Ads was AdsOfTheFuture.com. If you already have a Broadstreet account, you’ll be able to log into that site. If you don’t, you’ll be able to create an account that works with our dashboard.

Without further ado, Part I


And Part II

If you have any questions (there were plenty of questions on the screencast), find me at kenny@broadstreetads.com, or drop a comment below.

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