Webinar Wednesday: Editable Ads on 7/10

If an ad is updated every single day by an advertiser, won’t readers be more likely to have a look and see what’s new, especially if it’s from a trusted local organization? Our performance numbers say so − Editable Ads get about 3 times more clicks than regular ads do.

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If you aren’t already familiar, our “Editable Ad” tool lets advertisers send a text message, Facebook post, Twitter post and update their ad on an indy publisher’s website. Here’s an example of Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, advertising a show with Melissa Etheridge that is coming up in two weeks:


Advanced usage lets advertisers post images into the ad as well. All of the sudden, broadcasting daily lunch specials is a snap for the deli in town:

Editable Ads

When we built it, it was really more of a “let’s see if this works” kind of thing. We didn’t expect it to take off like it did. A year after we launched the product, we’ve got hundreds of editable ads running in the wild on places like Genesee SunRed Bank Green, and others.

Our publishers use them to offer something that their competitors can’t, keep their ads fresh, and close more sales.

We’re running a morning and afternoon webinar on July 10th to explain everything about Editable Ads and how they’ve helped our existing publishers. It’ll last about 45 minutes. There’s a 10AM and 4PM session (US Eastern time).

Publishers who attend get an Editable Ad for free ($25 – 50).

We hope you can make it!

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