The Best Ad Formats for Mobile

Best Mobile Ad Formats

Best Mobile Ad Formats

If you’re like most online publishers, you may have noticed that up to half of your site traffic is coming from mobile devices. And since most publishers stick the majority of their advertisements in the sidebar, the mobile surge can have a negative impact on the viewability of your clients’ advertisements.

In many cases, your advertisers won’t see their own ads on the mobile site unless they scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be focused on solving that problem. As we create new mobile-specific ad types, we’ll post them here and make them available in the “Mobile Specific” category in our dashboard.

1. The In-Story Ribbon

This ad is designed to appear in the middle of a post. Why? Because the reader will actually see the ad if it’s in the middle of the post. It’s prominent, attractive, and only requires an image and text. You can adjust the height, font size, and colors.

On desktop, the image is positioned to the right of the text. On mobile, the image shift to the top of the text container to form a box-like ad which spans full width.

2. The Before and After

How many advertisers are there that can benefit from before and after photos? Sometimes (usually), the photos tell the story better than any sort of ad can. This ad is an in-story or below-story format, like the ribbon ad above. It can also be configured to sit in the sidebar with an option logo in the header.

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