[Video] How to Set Up A News Website

Setup news website.

Last week at an event for Citizens Campaign at Monmouth University, Debbie Galant and I gave a talk on the basics of setting up an online news website for those who were just getting started.

The audience’s experience varied quite a bit. Some folks were already covering news in their area while others might be classified more accurately as activists. Nevertheless, it was a great extension of our how-to at [http://bealocalpublisher.com](Be a Local Publisher), and includes more than just the technical details of the site.

Debbie covers the commitment aspect of starting a news org, building an audience, and talks about her own experiences at Baristanet, including what she might do differently. I talk tech like I normally do, but had a chance to elaborate on some of the things I usually fly through in a shorter talk.

If you’re just starting out, be sure to have a watch. And when you end up looking for an ad manager, come find us!

setup news website

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