Local Publishers: Register With LION Before the End May for 50% Off Dues

50% off Dues.

If you’re building a news outlet online, and you haven’t heard of LION yet, we highly encourage you to check it out. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “is there anyone else out there trying to grow a successful news organization online?”, you might be surprised to hear that, yes, there is a thriving community of them.

LION is a trade organization made up of some very visible and highly successful pioneers in the space, like Howard Owens of The Batavian, Liz George of Baristanet, and John Ward of Red Bank Green. They’re always sharing tips, strategies, and other resources amongst each other — it’s an incredibly valuable group to be a part of.

We believe that in order for local, online news to find long-term sustainability and success, publishers need to work together and learn from each other. That can happen most effectively with groups like LION. And the success of the community as a whole has a direct impact on our own long-term success.

It’s one of those things that you will wish you had known about all along. And if you sign up before the end of May, your dues will be half-price. Head to LION’s site to find out more.

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50% off Dues

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