Introducing The Feature That Keeps on Featuring

Here’s something brand new out of the Broadstreet garage. Do we have your attention?

Hover over the ad below:

We’ve recently developed a system at Broadstreet that will help us design specially formatted, customizable ad templates very rapidly. We actually don’t know what we’re calling it yet. Maybe the Broadstreet Brewery. Our system takes advantage of the latest standards available in newer browsers like IE10, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Peruse some of our initial releases here.

At the root of this is a realization we’ve had: Standard banner ads just aren’t going to cut it when you’re a startup publisher competing with larger publishers with an established brand. Selling plain old ads exclusively is entering into a lopsided fight with a stronger enemy. Why not introduce some guerilla tactics and finally give your local zombie news competitors shotgun blast they desperately need?

Yay for Halloween-themed metaphors.

Anyway, if you pitch us an ad type that does something cool, animates, and introduces never-before-seen behavior in an ad, we’ll build it for you and make it available in the dashboard with a modest price tag (think in the area of $1 to $10 per month).

There’s one catch − you’ll need to get at least a few other publishers rallied up in the Broadstreet Communitygroup on Facebook, and committed to using the ad if it’s developed.

To start using some of the ads we’ve already created, log into Broadstreet, select an advertiser, and click “New Advertisement” like you normally do. You’ll be presented with a growing list of customizable rich ad types.

The price you’ll see is the monthly cost, which is pro-rated. So if the ad costs $12 and you run it for 15 days, you’ll be invoiced for about $6 at the end of the month. We only bill when an ad serves more than 100 times in a day, so you have plenty of room to kick the tires.

Hope you like it!


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