A Small Piece of Advertising History Was Made Today

advertising history

It’s a bright flash of Broadstreet’s ultimate vision. An early result of nearly 2 years of hard work and relentless evangelization.

Today, a digital ad for Montclair Academy of Dance & Laboratory of Music landed on the front Page of Verona Public Schools. It was sold by the very talented ad sales person at Baristanet and then booked in Barista Kids and Verona’s site through Broadstreet’s platform.

It’s not the first sale within Broadstreet’s burgeoning New Jersey ad network, but it’s the first sale that took place and landed outside of a traditional news organization: a school website.

It’s the start of something extremely important: making the sale of local, digital ad inventory seamless.

Broadstreet’s technology is going to help community news organizations thrive. It’s also going to help other local organizations who have digital space to be sold but can’t get connected with the right buyers because offline ad sales are downright inefficient.

Broadstreet is going to help increase the level of ad spend between community organizations by making what is unbuyable today efficiently buyable tomorrow.

It’s all the start of something very exciting for us, and we’ll be working like crazy to make sure this succeeds in New Jersey so we can bring it to your area.


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