5 Resources for Effective Digital Ad Sales Training

digital ad sales training

How should ad sales departments operate now? Where is there work to be done? Digital publishers are seeing challenges in the year ahead, but at the same time, there have never been more opportunities for innovative publishers to thrive.

Where there’s need, publishers can fill the void. Right now, businesses need all the help they can get in promoting their goods and services. Depending on the industry, some are just looking for a way to let customers know they are open for business. How are publishers rising to the occasion, and how are ad digital ad sales teams meeting the needs of businesses in this unique time?

If you have a strong desire to both serve the business community and take your advertising program to the next level, the doors of opportunity are open. Tools, programs, courses, and training exercises are all available for publishers who need help with effective digital ad sales training.

Digital ad sales training is an emerging market, with so much valuable information for publishers and their ad sales teams to absorb. With a business community that’s struggling to regain its footing, you want sales strategies that make sense for your bottom line and also benefit your clients. Now is not the time for the hard sell. Now is the time to take a collaborative approach to digital ad sales.

In this guide, you’ll find information about where to access the top resources for digital ad sales training. Most of these resources can be accessed online, which means you should be able to take advantage of the insights and lessons regardless of where you’re located.

To get started on you digital ad sales training efforts, view our free webinar series. In it you’ll find eight webinar recordings from our most recent run and several additional downloadable resources to help you learn how to:

  • Create ad packages and set rates
  • Implement good sales habits and the right CRM
  • Get the meeeting with detailed sales scripts you can use
  • Create a killer proposal to close the deal

Below are some additional resources to help further expand on your digital ad sales training – from industry experts, leading organizations, and thought leaders in the space.

5 Resources for Digital Ad Sales Training 

1. Training Courses

One of the ways that top publishers have educated their digital ad sales teams is by signing up for online courses. Industry professionals often lead these courses. The courses themselves usually include teaching that is done via Zoom or other interactive video platform. Most courses include a lecturing component and a hands-on or skills component. 

Ryan Dohrn’s 360 Ad Sales Training system is a leading training option within the digital media industry. This course is taken by professionals selling space in magazines, newspapers, television, and radio, and is considered one of the best resources for ad sales professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skills. The 360 Ad Sales Training website also posts regular webinars for people who are interested in checking out what Ryan has to offer. Other options include Cardone University, 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance, and HubSpot Academy.

2. Online Communities

Digital ad sales professionals are joining online communities to discuss trends, tactics, and strategies for ad sales. Online communities are also an excellent place to solicit feedback and advice from other people who have dealt with the same things you’re going through. The Community for Media Sales Slack workspace is a place for professionals to stay connected to industry trends and find peer insights. The community was developed by Ad Sales Genius. It’s accessible through the Slack app or web interface.

3. Ad Sales Training Blogs & Videos

It’s a good idea to keep up with respected digital ad sales blogs and video channels. Watching these types of videos is a great way to learn from digital ad sales experts. From the basic principles of digital ad sales to the latest techniques for cross-selling, these blogs and videos offer the kind of updated information that can really jump start your success. Some popular digital ad sales blogs to follow include Sales Hacker, HubSpot, 360 Ad Sales Blog, and The Center for Sales Strategy Blog. If videos are more your speed, check out the MJ Hoffman channel on YouTube.

4. Social Media Influencers

Top sales professionals have massive followings on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tap into those networks and learn from posts written by industry experts. Given how quickly the digital ad sales industry is evolving, it’s critical that you stay updated on the latest trends. For instance, Jill Konrath, John Barrows, and Tony Hughes are all accounts worth following. 

Following industry influencers who have developed the digital ad sales techniques we all use every day is essential if you’re hoping to make a name for yourself in the business.

5. Industry Organizations

Industry organizations and trade groups have been around for years. Yes, this isn’t the newest resource for effective digital ad sales, but media and advertising industry groups like LION and IAB can still be quite valuable. Join industry trade groups and attend events (live or virtual) they host. Not only do conferences and other events hosted by industry organizations usually feature high-quality speakers, but they also provide you with a great opportunity to network with other professionals.

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