Hyperlocal Business Model

The Hyperlocal Business Model: Authenticity

Technology platforms come and go, but local news publishers who have stakes in their own communities are here for the long haul. That staying power is baked in to the hyperlocal business model, and it is a foundational advantage for … Continue Reading

Why the Hyperlocal and Magazine Sales Strategy Works

Direct sales play an integral role in the hyperlocal sales model for good reason — they work. Local salespeople who can meet in person and form direct relationships with prospects form the foundation for any successful hyperlocal and magazine sales … Continue Reading

Section Sponsorships

Get Advertisers with Section Sponsorships

Succeeding as a hyperlocal publisher is all about identifying strengths and minimizing weaknesses. Perhaps nowhere is the small publisher’s ability to capitalize on a strength more apparent than in the rise of section sponsorships. Section sponsorships give advertisers incredible prominence, … Continue Reading

Prominent Placement of Ads

Treat Your Advertiser Like a Partner with Prominent Placement

Competing with major ad networks as an independent publisher means thinking about what services or features the big guys can’t provide and then filling in those gaps. As more advertisers grow frustrated with the murkiness of online ad exchanges—often not knowing … Continue Reading

Sponsored content

How to Price Sponsored Content in Magazines and Hyperlocals

If there’s one thing advertisers love, it’s reading about their companies. Sponsored content provides smaller publishers with a way to give local businesses what they love and get something in return, without creating distrust among readers. Over the past few … Continue Reading

Price Local Advertising

Flat Pricing or CPM? How to Price Local Advertising

Smart, flexible, understandable pricing. That’s the key to sustained business growth for most magazines and hyperlocal publishers. But what constitutes smart, flexible, understandable pricing varies depending on who you talk to. That’s why setting a strategy to price local advertising … Continue Reading

Monetizing Newsletters

How Hyperlocal and Magazine Publishers Monetize Newsletters

Email newsletters are a powerful tool for hyperlocal and magazine publishers. Not only do they serve as a way to drive website traffic and promote trending stories, but they’ve also become another venue for revenue. By monetizing newsletters, publishers are … Continue Reading

hyperlocal publishers

Local Advertising Delivers Better Performance Than National Advertising

A small publisher’s greatest asset is the ability to deliver value. The definition of value may change from advertiser to advertiser, depending on the goals of individual campaigns, but the ability to deliver better performance than larger publishers is something … Continue Reading

detailed reports for advertisers

Digital Ad Renewals: Be Transparent and Give Your Advertisers Detailed Reports

Industry watchdogs have been calling for more openness and accountability in online advertising for years, but recent revelations about the influence of foreign advertising dollars on Facebook have made the lack of standards even more concerning. The lack of transparency … Continue Reading

Online Ad Sales

How to Sell Ads: Sell Value and Differentiate

When it comes to online ad sales, creativity wins the day. Flexibility, creativity, and autonomy are three of a local ad salesperson’s greatest assets. By offering different advertising formats, local publishers signal to clients that they’re both flexible and serious … Continue Reading