7 Awesome Ads From Our Publishers Have Made This Past Month

7 awesome ads from our publishers

It’s been a little over two months since we released our new ad formats, and wow, have our publishers used these things beyond our expectations. Take a look at some of the awesome creatives churned out this past month.

If you’re late to the rich media ad scene, you might be surprised to find out how easy it is to create these things. Watch our YouTube video for a 2 minute tutorial on how to get started.

And lastly, if you see your ad featured here, you can rest assured that we’ve duplicated the ad under our own account so that you won’t incur any charges for impressions on this page.

1. An Open House Listing

This is exactly what the Table / Listing ad was intended for. You have structured data that may need to be updated frequently, and having a designer constantly send over new creatives is clearly out of the question. Table Ad to the rescue. Use this ad type for event schedules, restaurant menus, etc.

2. The Flipper

The Flipper was our first ad format, and so far it has generally been used for 300×250 ads and smaller. Look how great a 300×600 Flipper looks with such a great design. It sure got our attention.

3. The Flipper, Revisited

Another Flipper, this time by the publisher that for requested it at the very start, The Batavian. The Batavian runs a weekly contest where users find the ad on their site that flips over to reveal a chance at a prize. The staff reports it’s a very popular game.

4. The Scratch Off

Wow, do we love this one. How often do you see a scratch off ad on the internet? This might be one of our favorite implementations of the scratch off so far. And since Broadstreet tracks hovers, you get plenty of information on engagement performance.

5. The Box Ad with Ribbon

Real estate advertisers are some of the biggest clients for news organizations. This is a great looking ad that only required a picture of a home and some descriptive text.

6: The Advanced Coupon

Note: This is actually a Broadstreet creation which was used in place of an earlier example, removed by request.

Some people are totally crazy about coupons. Best of all, if the user acts on the deal that they find in a coupon, it reinforces to the advertiser that advertising on your site is working. Again, all the publisher needs is an optional picture, an optional logo, and some descriptive text.

7. The YouTube Ad

The amazing thing about this ad isn’t the design. It’s the fact that YouTube Ads have performed about 20x that of standard banner ads on Broadstreet, and they only require a YouTube URL to get rolling.

How many of your advertisers have YouTube videos made that nobody is watching? This is a great way to get eyes on that video, which probably cost the advertiser some money to produce.

Want to Give It a Try?

Even if you don’t have an account with Broadstreet yet, you can sign up and get started with these ads in under two minutes. It’s free to experiment, and you’re only billed for ads that actually go live on your site. Watch the tutorial below. We also have a full-length webinar including examples and performance numbers.


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