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3 Top Alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress

Alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress

These are the top alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress.

Planning, managing, and reporting on display advertising campaigns is a tedious task, which is only made worse when publishers rely on outdated ad management platforms.

For publishers who run their websites on WordPress, using a modern ad management plugin is a must. Older ad management plugins, like AdSanity for WordPress, lack the automation features that newer ad management plugins provide. Outdated ad management tools don’t take complete advantage of all the data we have available now, so publishers can’t optimize their systems and programs. Even the customization tools and features that these plugins offer tend to be half-measures that are usually too cumbersome for publishers to manage without bringing in outside support.

If you’ve been using AdSanity for WordPress or another outdated ad management platform, you’ve probably noticed that the reporting process is not as streamlined as it could be. AdSanity has a reputation for not being user-friendly or customizable, and that can lead to some seriously frustrating moments for publishers. AdSanity has also come under fire recently because of its click and impression statistics for ads, which can be inflated and at times unreliable. 

Knowing that publishers can’t — and shouldn’t — show advertisers how their display ads are performing when they don’t personally believe in the click and impression statistics their ad management systems provide, we thought it was a good time to talk about some of the more highly-rated ad management plugins. When implemented correctly, these advertising management tools will give you accurate information about the performance of ads running on your website. These top alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress can also solve issues like fragmentation and reliability, which most publishers face when they sell ads directly. 

Here are three examples of reliable, accurate ad management plugins that publishers should check out as they search for better alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress.

Best Alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress

1. Broadstreet

Broadstreet’s advertising management solution consistently ranks as one of the best alternatives to AdSanity. Publishers who run their websites on the WordPress platform will appreciate Broadstreet’s accuracy in all aspects of reporting, including clicks and impressions. Broadstreet even tracks elements that other ad management platforms do not, like “hovers.” With complete faith in the accuracy of the data they are presenting, publishers can feel confident when they work directly with both local advertisers and national agencies.

Speed and accuracy are two additional areas where Broadstreet stands apart from the pack. Broadstreet’s ad management plugin is faster than any of its competitors. The company provides users with personal support and a plethora of customization tools, as well. 

To learn more about the Broadstreet ad management plugin, click here.

2. Google Ad Manager

Countless digital publishers have tried Google Ad Manager, making this one of the most common alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress. The popularity of the solution comes largely from its name recognition. Like Broadstreet, Google Ad Manager is known for providing publishers with very accurate reporting information, including impressions and click counts. 

The primary downside, and the reason why Google Ad Manager has fallen out of favor with many digital publishers, including local news sites, is because it doesn’t always play nicely with responsive ads. Publishers who want to have mobile-optimized ads are better off choosing a different ad manager from this list. Google Ad Manager is also not known for being particularly user-friendly.

To learn more about Google Ad Manager, click here.

3. Advanced Ads

You might have heard about Advanced Ads before. The platform has been around for years, and during that time it has developed a bit of a following among some indie publishers. Advanced Ads is easy-to-use, which is important to publishers who are just starting out. The system itself was really designed for novice publishers, with beginners features that suit the smallest publishers well. Larger publishers may find that Advanced Ads does not provide the level of support or customization that they require, especially when it comes to running advertising in email newsletters and running native content programs. Although Advanced Ads is frequently cited as one of the alternatives to AdSanity for WordPress, its feature set is not well suited for publications that are serious about professional ad sales.

To learn more about Advanced Ads, click here.

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