The Billboard: A Next Generation Ad Format

Throughout the last 4 years, we’ve learned a lot about what makes an ad format easy to use and easy to sell.

Today we’re announcing the release of 3 “next generation” ad formats: The Billboard, Real Estate Showcase, and Event Promotion formats are now available in the dashboard under the “Next Generation” category. In this blog post, we’re featuring The Billboard format. You’ll notice an example of this creative at the top of this page.

This Billboard format works with most websites — simply target it to an empty zone or a popout zone. Deliver a large, powerful banner at the top of your website. It automatically responds to the page and is optimized for mobile. This will be one of your most sought-after units!

We recommend using an image at least 1440px wide and 240px tall. For maximum impact, a 2000 x 500 banner will work well.

Head on over to our ad formats page to embed The Billboard in your media kit.

In our next posts, we’ll feature the Real Estate Showcase and Event Promotion formats.


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