About the New Broadstreet Logo

There are few things I like more than hidden meaning.

Everywhere in the world around us is hidden meaning — sometimes it’s placed by someone else, sometimes it’s created by us. And in this life, one of the most important things we can do is created our own meaning.

The new Broadstreet logo has a lot of meaning embedded. It would be easy to miss — and in fact, will in all probability be missed by most people who see it.

I created this myself, after many attempts with top logo designers. Maybe I was being picky — but then again, if someone else creates 100 logo concepts and I chose one of them that I liked, is there really any meaning in that?

Here’s the explanation that I posted in the Broadstreet Facebook group.

I’m very much an adherent to the golden rule (or at least always try to), this idea that you should treat other people (like customers) the way that I would like to be treated.

I apply this everywhere, ad sales included. If I sell something, I want it to work for them. It’s never buy at your own risk — that’s how I would like to be treated.

The larger media industry largely doesn’t share this philosophy. Get the check, upload the ads, and come back at renewal time. It shouldn’t be a surprise that advertisers have become reluctant to pay media companies who don’t care. That is the standard.

But, if anything is to improve, ever, then standards must be defined, and continually redefined, always seeking out a consistently elevated end result.

The logo: It’s a cube, rotated on its side. The lengths are in golden ratio proportion to each other. The tagline speaks to a philosophy of always pushing forward to discover new and better ways of doing things. It also references current digital advertising standards.

It’s the corner of a cube, in reference to our famous Amazing Cube ad format. I thought it was dumb when it was first suggested, but then I realized that it wasn’t very dumb at all. It raised the standard for advertising, for performance, and for service to a small business.

That’s pretty amazing.

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