Top Cube Ad Formats

Are you looking for a way to build high-impact creatives for your campaigns? We have the solution. Cube ad formats are eye-catching, engaging, and always on point. Advertisers can use cube ads to drive brand awareness and engagement, as they show off their best images in a way that commands attention.

With half of all companies finding that design plays a “huge role” in their success with digital advertising, your clients will want an ad format like this. Give clients what they’ve been asking for, with the ability to create ads in 3D, rotating, gallery, square, or spin format.

Your clients can showcase up to six images using the rotating cube ad format. These are fully interactive ads with dynamic content. Utilizing existing assets, advertisers can produce cube ads that rotate or spin. They can also create three-dimensional ads to deliver the kind of interactive experiences that are hard to replicate with other display ad formats.

The rotating 3D cube components allow clients to create interactive banners that spin or rotate through all six sides. Broadstreet’s three-dimensional rotating cubes accept any photo size, and they support individual links per slide. 

Take a look at the cube ad formats we have currently available at Broadstreet. All of our ad formats are easy to generate, and they can be customized to fit with existing designs. They also work on all the latest browsers, including mobile devices.

Want to learn more? Check out these popular cube ad formats.

To learn more about Broadstreet’s diverse library of unique ad formats and how they can support real estate advertisers on your site, visit our self-guided demo.