Schools / Summer Camps Ad Formats

Parents are spending more time online than ever before, making digital advertising the smart choice for schools and summer camps. Many schools find that investing in display advertising offers a much higher ROI than other forms of marketing or advertising. 

In order to promote their programs online, schools and summer camps want access to high-performing ad formats. The most effective ad formats include large photos and clear calls-to-action. Schools want parents to stop in their tracks when they see their ads on their favorite local websites and in mobile apps.

Section sponsorships are especially popular among schools and summer camps. For example, a private elementary school might ask to sponsor the “Education” section on a local news website. Summer camps are frequent sponsors of special “Summer” sections on community websites and events calendars. Do you offer the right ad format to fulfill that request? 

Because most schools offer more than one kind of program or camp, it’s a good idea to invest in ad formats that support audience segmentation. Rotating cubes and other ad formats that support multiple images or links can be helpful to schools that want to target different age groups or promote extracurricular activities. These kinds of multi-dimensional options make it easier for prospective parents to find programs that are relevant to their own children and that sort of targeting drives conversions. 

Do you want to learn more about what makes a great school or summer camp advertisement? Check out this list of the top ad formats for schools and summer camps in 2020.

Ad with Text Ad Format
The Advanced Amazing 3D Cube / Gallery Ad Format

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