Top Restaurant Ad Formats

Billions of dollars are spent on restaurant advertising each year. In such a competitive industry, businesses are looking for any edge they can find. Display advertising offers restaurants the ability to target and connect with potential customers on the local level. 

Restaurant owners are less likely to use DIY advertising platforms than business owners in other industries. Instead, these extremely-busy professionals are more likely to rely on full-service programs, with dedicated sales representatives who can provide guidance on the design, management, and implementation of their online advertising campaigns.

Local news websites represent an untapped opportunity for many restaurant owners. This is, at least in part, because the path to conversion for a restaurant diner is much different than with a retail shopper. Hyperlocal sites are effective tools for reaching locals who are likely to convert. This is especially true when advertisers customize their ads based on the day, time, or even season when their ads will run.

Display advertising puts local restaurants on a nearly level playing field with national brand competitors, particularly when restaurants are customizing their advertising campaigns based on local trends. Customizing ads with high-resolution images that are familiar to local customers, such as the town’s name or photographs of nearby landmarks, leads to higher click-through-rates (CTRs) and overall engagement. Display advertising also provides restaurants with a way to showcase popular menu items and seasonal dishes that make their businesses unique.

These are the most popular advertising formats being used by restaurants in 2020.

Amazing Cube

Amazing Cube ’20 – Light

Event Listing Ad Format
The Amazing 3D Cube / Gallery

Amazing Cube ’20 – Dark

The Listing / Table

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