Top Non-Profit Ad Formats

With tighter budgets than for-profit companies, non-profit advertisers are often drawn to low-cost marketing tools and DIY advertising platforms. But they also care about return on investment (ROI) and being able to achieve fundraising goals. Many non-profit groups are looking for publishers that can provide a high ROI with ad formats sold through self-serve platforms.

How do publishers guarantee a positive ROI for their non-profit clients? Offering a wide variety of ad formats is a good place to start. With multiple ad formats to choose from, non-profits can get creative and design display advertising campaigns that appeal to their core demographics. 

Non-profits that want to create brand awareness should almost always begin with display advertising. Fundraising goals can also be achieved through display advertising. Non-profit organizations get full control over how their ads and messaging appear on a publisher’s website and in email newsletters. Aside from the cost effectiveness, display ads allow for audience targeting, and they generally come with performance metrics, so advertisers can see exactly how many people clicked on which of their ads.

Videos, images, and links to social media posts are all being used by non-profit groups to drive donations and interest in the causes they support. Creative ad formats give these advertisers a way to push the limits and generate greater engagement, despite having advertising budgets that can be quite limited.

These are the top ad formats being selected by non-profit advertisers right now.

Fundraising Goal with Image

Fundraising Goal with Video

In-Story Ribbon Ad

Fundraising Goal – Text Only

The Fundraiser

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