Top Lawyer Ad Formats

According to the American Bar Association, 75% of law firms now have an online presence, either with their own websites, social media pages, or profiles on other online communities. Having a presence on digital is incredibly important, both for solo practitioners and larger law practices.

The advantages of online advertising for lawyers are clear. With online advertising, attorneys can precisely target their messages to the right audiences, leading to improved response rates and a positive return on investment (ROI). Digital channels are also easier to measure, so advertisers can quickly see whether the amount they are spending is justified.

Whether you use digital advertising to promote your law firm or not, there is a good chance your competitors are. If you want to reach the next generation of digitally-connected consumers, then online advertising is the way to do it.

By running display advertising on news websites and blogs, lawyers can promote their services to local audiences. Banner ads and skyscraper ads are both popular ad formats for lawyers, however, pop-ups and overlays are increasingly common, as well. Display advertising tends to be a lower cost than some other advertising channels, and it provides the same broad reach as billboards or television commercials.

These are the most popular ad formats for lawyers using Broadstreet’s platform.

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