Top Healthcare Ad Formats

Spending on healthcare advertising has nearly doubled over the past two decades, with the U.S. healthcare industry now topping $30 billion a year on marketing and advertising spend. From medical practices and hospitals, to pharmaceutical companies and other health organizations, the landscape for healthcare advertising has never been more competitive.

Healthcare advertisers are incredibly sophisticated. In addition to display advertising and search advertising, hospitals and medical groups are also investing more heavily in sponsored content, video advertising, and social media advertising. Digital ads are becoming more prominent and eating up a larger share of annual advertising and marketing budgets. Despite that, healthcare organizations have some unique challenges when it comes to running online advertising campaigns.

Medical and healthcare advertisers face strict regulations that their counterparts in other industries don’t. Those regulations can limit the opportunities that are available. For example, healthcare organizations need to make sure advertising is HIPAA compliant and that display ads don’t conflict with the Truth in Healthcare Marketing Act. Healthcare advertisers must contend with language restrictions, as well, and they are prohibited from using remarketing as an advertising tactic on Google.

The best way for healthcare organizations to avoid these conflicts is to work with an advertising partner that offers industry-specific healthcare ad formats and flexible resources to help build ads that are compliant.

These are Broadstreet’s most popular healthcare ad formats:

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