Top Health Club Ad Formats

As they work to reach their membership goals in 2020, fitness, health, and country clubs are leaning heavily on digital advertising. Local news websites are benefiting the most from this advertising push since they provide club owners with a direct connection to people in their own communities.

More than 60 million consumers now belong to health clubs. Combined with country clubs and other niche fitness studios, that number approaches 80 million. From the club marketers’ perspective, the big question is: What is the best way to reach potential club members?

Social, search, and display advertising are all useful tools in the club owner’s advertising arsenal, but of those three options, display advertising delivers the biggest bang for the buck.

The digital advertising costs that fitness, health, and country clubs incur each year are rising. For that advertising spend, club owners expect to see results. High levels of engagement, click-throughs, and conversions are expected. But getting the most out of advertising budgets means more than just clicking “boost” on a social media post. For the greatest return on investment, clubs should be optimizing the text and images in their ads and customizing ad formats based on the audiences they are targeting.

These are the ad formats that are generating the greatest results for health, fitness, and country clubs in 2020.

Instant Video

The Amazing 3D Cube / Gallery

The Shoutout
Split Reveal

Unlimited Slideshow

Instant Twitter / Landscape

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