Top Big Ticket Sales Ad Formats

Evolution in the world of advertising for big-ticket sales has been swift. In just the past decade, auto dealerships and boat dealerships have quickly moved their advertising from offline to online channels. According to an industry report by BIA Advisory Services, automotive dealers, local dealer associations, and manufacturers spent approximately $11.3 billion on local advertising nationally last year. 

Consumers who are looking to purchase big-ticket items, like cars and yachts, are increasingly going online to do their research. Search engines like Google and Bing are a popular starting point, as are trade publications and online magazines. Wherever those consumers are is where advertisers want to be. Auto dealers, boat dealers, and other sellers of big-ticket items want their ads to feature prominently alongside articles that consumers find during the pre-buying phase.

Just as important as selecting the right place to advertise is selecting the right ad format. Incredible visuals are key to selling big-ticket items like luxury cars and yachts. Ad formats like gallery slideshows, rotating cubes, carousels, slide-ins, and YouTube video ads are all well suited for dealers selling big-ticket items. By getting a little creative with their strategies, dealerships and manufacturers can get the inside edge on sales. For example, testing and adjusting creatives to maximize engagement can result in improved conversions. Seemingly minor changes to the ad unit or the budget can be helpful in maximizing campaign results.

Check out Broadstreet’s list of the most popular ad formats for dealers focused on big ticket sales.

Amazing Cube ’20 Light Ad Format

YouTube Video with Text Ad Format

Gallery Slideshow Ad Format
Amazing Cube ’20 Dark Ad Format

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