10 Advantages That Small Publishers Have Over Tech Giants in Selling Ads

Mediashift | April 6, 2018 — Advertising technology supplies millions of ad impressions and targeting tools, but they leave the fundamental goals of an advertising campaign, notably success, to the advertiser. Is there anyone who truly cares about a small business advertiser, the primary client of local newspapers and magazines, at the scale of Facebook or Google? Kenny Katzgrau discusses the 10 core advantages of the small publisher.

LION Publisher Podcast: Kenny Katzgrau of Broadstreet Ads

LION Publishers | April 7, 2017 —Kenny Katzgrau needs no introduction for many LION members, as his company, Broadstreet Ads, is the advertising technology provider many of us rely on to keep the business side of our shops humming. We talked with Kenny about the current state of online advertising, competition with Facebook for ad dollars, and where he sees the online ad business going over the next couple of years.

Broadstreet CEO: ‘Value’ in Local Publishing Is More Than Scale

Streetfight | December 1, 2016 — Broadstreet founder and CEO Kenny Katzgrau talks about what he calls the “growing divide” between publishers, like local newspaper groups, who pitch advertisers with the scale of big numbers of pageviews, and independents, who emphasize value.

5 Ways to Use Broadstreet Ad Types to Grow Revenue

Locable | September 15, 2016 — Broadstreet, a unique ad server built for local publishers, takes a slightly different approach by introducing special ad types that allow you to create more interactive (and useful) ads.

Indie Publishers Gain Mobile Advantage with New Ads

Knight Digital Media Center | April 6, 2015 —  Indie online news publishers — with more than half their audiences coming from smart phones — can beat newspapers in the mobile advertising game if they take advantage of the specifics of the medium.

Ad Management Plugins: Adpress, Adsanity, Or? (Review)

Luke Otterstad | March 13, 2015 — So I’m now with Broadstreet Ads due to load speed, personal support, user-friendliness, and accurate statistics on clicks/impressions (I was surprised to see it also tracks “hovers”). I was also happy to see that Broadstreet Ads is free to test out on a site and has a ton of extra features (although they do come with a price tag).

How the Center for Cooperative Media Is Fortifying Local News in New Jersey

PBS | February 17, 2015 — … most people need some level of design/tech support … with platforms as self-serve-oriented as WordPress/Blargo and Broadstreet Ads …

How to Get to 5 Years of Success in Hyperlocal Publishing

Streetfight | January 16, 2015  — Talk to the guys at Broadstreet about the click-through performance rates on some of their new rich media ad formats. We love the tools they’re giving us.

Will 2015 Be Breakthrough Year for Community News?

Streetfight | December 29, 2014 — Our new ad formats are specifically tailored to work with mobile, and we’re working on several new Broadstreet products publishers can use to take mobile advertising even further. If we don’t do it, we don’t think anybody else will.

From Print to Patch to His Own ‘Indie’ Site — A 25-Year Saga

Streetfight | December 18, 2014— … “They’ve also recently switched to Broadstreet for ad hosting, and that’s been a wonderful addition. Broadstreet has a lot of creative ideas that I think can empower indie websites no matter their size.”

The News in Jersey, LIVE! Broadstreet Ads

NJ News Commons | December 9, 2014 — This week we sat down with Kenny Katzgrau from Broadstreet Ads to talk about some of the latest news in online advertising.

Dstillery’s Patent; AppNexus Raising Money

AdExchanger | June 2, 2014 — Reports on a new native ad unit offered by a company called Broadstreet, “which provides ad services to news publisher.”

Native Ad Revenue May Be One Click Away With ‘Selfies’

StreetFight | May 29, 2014 — Community news publishers everywhere are searching hard for new revenue. But who knew that dollars might be staring them virtually in the face?

Survey: Independent local online publishers rely heavily on ad revenue

Knight Digital Media Center | May 19, 2014 — Independent local online news organizations remain highly focused on generating revenue through local ad sales, according to a new survey. Only a handful of the for-profit organizations reported significant revenue from other sources.

6 Tools Publishers Can Use to Monetize Their Business Directories

StreetFight | May 14, 2014 — Hyperlocal publishers are frequently on the lookout for new ways to generate revenue from their sites, and one of the most straightforward revenue diversification strategies involves launching a business directory.

50 Ways to Find Co-founders

Inc. | March 14, 2014 — What’s worse than starting a business without a co-founder? Try starting it with the wrong co-founder. Here are 50 ways to try to find the right one.

Like a phoenix from the ashes: How some local reporters are sticking it out post-Patch

Nieman Lab | March 12, 2014 — From microgrants to business training to better tech platforms, the local news ecosystem Patch left behind could end up richer than the one that it debuted in.

Bloomber BNA Electronic Commerce & Law Report

Bloomberg | December 25, 2013 — Citation on Mozilla to Block Third-Party Cookies: What Does It Mean for Small, Online Publishers?

How Can Low Revenue Indie News Sites Boost Their Ad Game?

StreetFight | August 21, 2013 — Kenny Katzgrau talks about how an easy way to buy and sell local digital ad inventory at scale is an absolute necessity.

Broadstreet Talks Ad Networks Amidst Patch.com Developments

NJ News Commons | August 21, 2013 — Kenny Katzgrau chimed in about Broadstreet’s experimental NJ ad network while discussing the recent downsizing of AOL’s Patch.

Broadstreet’s Mission: Liberate Sites for What Matters Most

StreetFight | July 25, 2013 — Streetfight features Broadstreet, and does a nice job of outlining its core revenue generating features.

Broadstreet Gets a Shout by Arlington Now

StreetFight | July 18, 2013  — Scott Brodbeck of Arlington Now gave Broadstreet a shout out in a post on StreetFight, which profiled the success and secret sauce behind the prominent local news org and its sister sites.

Broadstreet Talks Ad Networks On NJ News Commons Podcast

StreetFight | July 9, 2013 — Broadstreet’s Kenny Katzgrau chatted up NJ News Commons’ Debbie Galant and Mary Mann on the ad network being launched for New Jersey’s independent news publishers.

Broadstreet Adserver Featured in Street Fight

StreetFight | April 15, 2013 — Street Fight, an industry publication focusing on the events in the local news industry, has featured Broadstreet’s Adserver, listed at #1.

Broadstreet Launches AdsOfThefuture.com

Broadstreet Ads | March 7, 2013 — Broadstreet has launched AdsOfTheFuture.com, and new service that publishers can use to create ads that their advertisers edit by Text Message, Twitter, or Facebook.

Broadstreet Announces Partnership with Makers of Adrotate

Broadstreet Ads | January 22, 2013 — Broadstreet has partnered with firm AJdG Solutions of the Netherlands to integrate its Editable Ad product into Adrotate, a popular ad management tool.

Broadstreet Business Directory Featured in Street Fight

StreetFight | January 8, 2013 — Street Fight, an industry publication focusing on the events in the local news industry, has featured Broadstreet’s Business Directory tool, listed at #1.

Broadstreet Launches Adserver for Independents

Broadstreet Ads | December 15, 2012 — Broadstreet has officially announced the launch of its adserver, the first adserver built specifically for the needs of the growing independent publishing industry. Its first onboarded clients include Baristanet of Montclair NJ, myVeronaNJ of Verona NJ, RedBankGreen of Red Bank, NJ, and theLoop of Larchmont NY.