$1,000 Microsponsorships with Broadstreet

Kenny Katzgrau
Creator of Broadstreet

Hello! You’ve been linked to this page because I like what you’re doing and want to get real for a minute.

There are an uncountable number of passionate people and organizations in this industry that deserve support. I know this, because I’ve been in it for almost 12 years at the time of this writing.

The most valuable thing to me is sharing what I know. There is no higher purpose than giving others a lift on the way to getting where they’re trying to go.

For this reason, I value sharing what I know over pure fiscal sponsorship of an organization. In fact, I attend conferences to share first — any Broadstreet sales that come later are purely a pleasant side effect. I lead a mission-driven life and organization.

But keep reading, I will sponsor.

The first organization that I ever supported was Block by Block (2012), which became LION Publishers a year or so later. At a 25 years old, I gave Block by Block the only $2,000 I had in Broadstreet’s bank account (at the time, my bank account) to support their conference.

I believed in Block by Block, and Michelle McLellan, the organizer — believed in me too. She asked me to do a 45 minute session on the latest technology that these online-only publishers should be using. It made sense because I was a software developer, previously of Yahoo, and I had a lot of useful things to share.

That talk was pivotal for me, because I could show that I was smart, considerate, and really cared about the publishers in the audience.

Here’s my proposal to those who understand my position: I will share what I know and be an asset to your conference, which will allow me to show who I am and what I’m capable of. I will also support your organization with $1,000.

I do 5 of these per year in addition to the organizations that I normally support. It’s not Google-level money, but as a relative percentage of company revenue, it’s a sincere gesture of support.

Also, when it comes to content, I put thought, care and energy into every presentation that I do.

As the publisher of RedBankGreen, advertising sales rep, and a seasoned engineer previously of Yahoo and Mozilla, I speak and write on topics from a street-level perspective. Tactical and practical. I will propose a potential topic if you have a content gap to fill.

Some organizations really just need the money and would prefer a transactional relationship. That’s understood and it’s OK. But in that case, it’s probably not a mutual fit.

I’ve spoken at conferences for the City and Regional Magazine Association, Parent Media Association, City University of New York, LION Publishers, Center for Cooperative Media, Local Media Association, Niche Media, and many podcasts and webinars.

Some relatively recent webinars:

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A recent Q&A with LMA:

Lastly, if you’d like an idea of who Broadstreet is and what we stand for, here’s a recent (at the time of this writing) annual State of the Company that we decided to share publicly.