What the Hell is a “Broadstreet?”

Dear Advertiser,

You may already notice that we do things differently here.

We do. We provide radically innovative and fun products that publishers use to do a better job for you.

Most publishers use Google Ad Manager. It’s the most widely used, and it’s free.

Just because something is the most common doesn’t mean that it’s the best. In fact, most of the time, the thing that is most commonly used is verrrry average.

Like, 3.5/5 average.


Gag. Vom. Gross.

You get what you pay for.

Broadstreet customers pay more because they want to do a better job. They want to give you packages that perform and drive engagement. They want the most detail when tracking your campaigns. They want to know that the numbers that they report to you are from real people, not robots.

The folks on GAM? Apparently they don’t care so much.

Our customers want you on board for the long run, because they do a great job for you.

So take a look at the other publishers that you work with and say, “hey, why the hell aren’t you using these Broadstreet folks?”

You’ll have a lot of people doing amazing work for you.