3 Top Alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress

Alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress

Times are changing. Many of the ad management tools that publishers used a decade ago have been replaced with more advanced, streamlined options. As they search for alternatives to AdRotate, top digital news publishers are honing in on ad management software that’s actually affordable and easy to use.

Running display advertising, tracking impressions, and automatically disabling ads when they expire are just a handful of the strategies that digital news and magazine publishers today are using to maximize advertising earnings on their websites.

Advertising management programs that require publishers to manually add a code snippet to their websites before they can start running display advertising or tracking impressions can be too challenging for the average hyperlocal publisher to navigate. Trying to integrate a complicated ad management platform quickly turns into a major hassle for publishers who don’t have ample experience in website development and maintenance. Each time developers add codes into theme files, it increases the chances of unexpected website errors. Busy publishers don’t have time for that.

These are just a few of the reasons why older ad management platforms like AdRotate have fallen out of favor with digital publishers. Overly-complicated integrations, and the expectation that publishers must be extremely tech-savvy, have caused many publishers to start looking for other solutions for their ad management needs.

It’s not that publishers today can’t manage different ad sizes and placements on their own. Self-serve platforms have actually never been more popular in the advertising community. The issue is that the features and the integration requirements that publishers must adhere to when they use AdRotate have not kept pace with today’s website standards.

If you are one of the many digital news publishers looking for better solutions and alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress, keep reading to see our list of the top contenders.

Top Alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress

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1. Broadstreet

Broadstreet is a comprehensive advertising management solution that consistently ranks as one of the top alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress. Although Broadstreet competes with AdRotate in certain ways — for example, both platforms can be used to insert ads on a website, enable click tracking, and show/hide ads on different pages — it is primarily used by professional news and magazine publishers, rather than individual bloggers and hobbyists.

Broadstreet’s platform now has the largest library of turn-key ad formats on the internet. Digital sales teams can lean on this ad format library as they compete to win over potential advertisers. Broadstreet’s platform is also unique because it has the best automated reporting tools industry-wide. Those reporting tools have become a major factor in publishers’ decision to migrate from AdRotate to Broadstreet.

2. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is another ad plugin that is used by digital news publishers. Publishers who run their websites on WordPress can create, manage, and display ads with the Advanced Ads plugin. They can also set up ad rotations based on customizable ad weight and enable split tests and multiple advertisers per ad space.

Like Broadstreet, Advanced Ads is cited as one of the top alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress. However, unlike Broadstreet and other modern ad management platforms, Advanced Ads does not support digital publishers who use email newsletters and native content advertising. Advanced Ads also does not have a large library of ad formats such as what competing platforms like Broadstreet offer for publishers.

3. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is an ad management WordPress plugin that is used to insert ad codes at optimal website positions. Ad Inserter supports Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager, contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Media.net, and rotating banner ads.

While not as well-known as others on this list, Ad Inserter is considered to be one of the top alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress publishers who are in the early stages of growing their websites. Ad Inserter does not offer the personalized support that larger news and magazine publishers require. It can also be expensive. Although Ad Inserter is technically a free, open source plugin, publishers who need the more advanced features are required to buy a license for Ad Inserter Pro.

If you’ve considered migrating away from AdRotate, or any other WordPress-based ad management plugin, right now is a great time to switch. To learn more about all the best alternatives to AdRotate for WordPress, please request a demo today or simply get started by clicking here.

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